Service Contracts

houseHands.jpgA Boro Energy Service Contract provides outstanding value and real peace of mind. For one low annual price, you give your system the preventive maintenance it requires via a thorough, expert tune-up... but that's not all! You also receive coverage for most major system components — if any covered component requires repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear, we'll do the work promptly at no additional cost. Considering the cost of parts and labor today, your service contract could save you thousands of dollars.

Boro Energy offers two levels of protection: the Basic Comfort Plan and the Premium Comfort Plan.

Basic Comfort Plan

The Basic Comfort Plan covers just about anything that's likely to go wrong with your system and includes our annual tune-up to increase your system's longevity and performance.

Boro Energy will repair or replace during the life of this agreement, at no extra charge to our customer, any of the following parts, which may become defective due to normal use or wear and tear.

  • Turbulators
  • Cad Cell Relay
  • Cad Cell Eye
  • Cad Cell Assembly Complete
  • Emergency Switch
  • Blower Belts
  • Burner Coupling
  • Burner Fan
  • Clock Thermostat (digital)
  • Control Wiring (repair only)
  • Burner Motor (Up To 1/3 HP)
  • Buss Bars
  • Glass Gauge
  • Filter Cartridge
  • Fuel Pump*
  • Oil Tank Gauge (275 only)

Premium Comfort Plan

The Premium Comfort Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan plus the significant addition of the following major parts and services:

  • ½" Boiler Drain
  • Air Valve (up to 2)
  • Replace Draft Regulator (7")
  • Electronic Low water Cut-off
  • ½" Domestic Relief Valve
  • PR Valve
  • Extrol Tank up to #30
  • Zone Valve Head Only (up to 2)
  • Air Tube Ass Nozzle Adapter
  • Nozzle Line
  • Circulator Couplings
  • Aquastat (single only)
  • ¾ Relief Valve or PSV

*One standard disposable set per year during tune-up.
**Honeywell & White-Rodgers only.
***Skuttle or Skuttle type only.

Both plans include a full tune up and full vacuuming of the chimney base and boiler.

Terms & Conditions for Oil Equipment Service Contracts

  1. A Boro Energy tune-up will be performed once during the service agreement term during regular hours, between March 1 and September 30. No tune-ups will be performed after September 30. The annual tune-up includes the following:
    • Test and adjust oil burner for maximum efficiency
    • Install new air filters, oil filter cartridge and burner nozzle, if necessary
    • Inspect combustion chamber
    • Clean and check electrodes and nozzle assembly
    • Oil all motors on burner, fans and circulators
    • Safety check all operating controls
    • Check oil tank
  2. Labor costs are covered for the repair and replacement of listed parts only.
  3. Open 7 days a week during the winter from 8AM – 10PM. Open 6 days a week during the off-season (closed Sundays) from 8AM- 7PM.
  4. Exclusions: This agreement does not cover parts or labor under these circumstances:
    • Parts needing repair or replacement that are not expressly included in this agreement (see parts list)
    • Lack of oil when delivery has been delayed due to delinquency in payments or when customer is not on automatic delivery
    • Failure of customer to maintain proper boiler water level or pressure
    • Customer leaving emergency switch in "off" position
    • Customer setting thermostat too low to call for heat
    • Air in baseboard heaters or in radiators
    • Repairs/work needed for piping that is not related to the heating system
    • Repairs/work needed for plumbing conditions related to boiler
  5. This agreement does not cover repair or replacement of obsolete parts, such as certain zone valves, circulators and combustion chambers, which are not available through regular sources of supply.
  6. If all fuel oil requirements (700-gallon minimum) are not purchased from Boro Energy, this agreement is void.
  7. This agreement does not cover repairs needed as a result of acts of God, fire, flooding or other water damage, etc.; repairs needed as a result of ordinary wear and tear are covered.
  8. There shall be no liability for any reason on the part of Boro Energy for work done by anyone else, unless such person is authorized in writing by Boro Energy to perform such work or furnish parts.
  9. This agreement reflects prices for residential systems only. Rates for commercial systems are available on request.
  10. The length of this agreement is one year. It will automatically renew each year unless we are notified of cancellation in writing 30 days before the renewal date.
  11. There shall be no refunds on any unexpired portion of this agreement.
  12. This service agreement is transferable upon sale of home to new owners.
  13. All service contracts are subject to equipment inspection.
  14. Service contracts are issued only to customers enrolled in automatic delivery of heating oil from us.