Storage Tanks - Frequently Asked Questions

Many homeowners have questions about their storage tanks. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q. Should I be concerned about my tank?

A. Tanks are an effective and convenient way to store oil, and with proper maintenance, can last for an extremely long time. You should not be concerned if both you and Boro Energy have been taking care of your tank.

Q. What should I know about proper tank maintenance?

A. It is important to have your tank inspected periodically. A Boro Energy service technician will look around the tank and inspect the fittings, the area the tank is in and the tank itself. You can assist in proper tank maintenance by ensuring that your aboveground tank is away from debris and bushes, and by preventing metal objects from leaning on the tank.

Q. When it comes to my tank, what's the most important thing to be concerned with?

A. Corrosion or rust is the biggest "enemy" of storage tanks. Corrosion can only occur in the presence of water which is why it is very important to protect the inside of the tank from exposure to water. An outside tank does not have to be protected from rain although there are tank enclosures available for protection against the elements. An outside aboveground tank should be painted, and inspected to ensure that any rusting is only on the surface.

Q. What are some specific signs that my tank may be leaking?

A. There are several signs that your current oil storage tank may be crying for help. Look carefully for excessive water, dead vegetation around the tank fill area, an oil scent in the basement, spills or overfills around your tank or on the floor, leakage from valves or piping, or a loose fill cap or vent cap. With an aboveground tank, make sure the legs are stable and solidly attached to the tank and floor, and look for wet spots, peeling paint or excessive surface dents.